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"We fans loved both The Bombs and Dhamma and Fly With Us and we are looking forward to "Humarah Ghar Se". The lyrics written by Imran Raza are just amazing and and are close to our heart because they speak what we want to say to the world" - Rameez Asif

Leader of the Mizraabianz- Pakistan's largest music fan website.



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The word Ashtanga is rooted in the sacred text by Pantanjali called the 8 Limbs of Ashtanga, which literally means self-purification to create a mindset and mission in life to never create harm for anyone, to reach a state of purity where one only generates Love and Compassion.

What started as a personal spiritual journey for myself has blossomed into a movement bringing together generations of iconic musicians from Pat Boone to Slash. Throughout this journey we have achieved a collective sonic cleansing of our souls.

Our mission is simple : Generate Love and Compassion through our Cathedral of Sound. Bringing together a festival of dance, performance art, paintings and films together with the music of Sonic Ashtanga to create light where there is suffering, joy where there is darkness.

The desire to have universal peace and an end to terrorism is a worldwide effort that can only be made stronger by creating a following of people with a universal message to unravel what damage the Al Qaeda and other oppressive forces have done. Change the energy of the world by simply giving.

Watch us ... My Generation will fight for Liberty, Plurality and the Human Rights of Everyone in Everyland.

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